Is nostalgia becoming a thing of the past as a brand value?

  • The question is about whether new brand managers in a company feel under pressure to change some brand-values for the sake of change? Given that brands indeed could become “tired” if not changed and there’s always a need to make them “relevant”. But while doing so in an increasingly uncertain world, do we tend to undervalue nostalgia ? LinkedIn Question by: Gerry Scullion.

First and foremost, we need to understand that a Brand is like a person (and if you succeed in doing the reverse, you’re great too:)). With such an understanding, it’s very easy to see that “Nostalgia” is a part of a person’s as well as a brand’s personality – whether identified as visible element or not – and hence cannot or should not be neglected! And if the brand manager does his job well, he’d definitely – and I repeat, definitely – find a way to make “nostalgia’ relevant in the life of the brand.

Nostalgia is an important value for a brand, especially on its journey towards becoming “Iconic”. One of the important characteristics of Iconic brands is that they are “super-familiar” – which can be enhanced by repeatedly associating them with nostalgic brand experiences – either modified or otherwise.

Numerous examples could be given to validate the point that “iconic” brands have used nostalgia even in recent times to gain more customers / followings; eg. Coca Cola “bottle” led campaign; Harley’s campaigns, etc.

Now, there are many companies, managers, brand experts, who flout this rule – not because they are not aware of it, but because, their top management (perhaps) insists on changing track at the cost of losing brand value.

In conclusion, YES, in the ever changing “fast” world, “The Power of NOW” rules supreme!

However, regardless their age, there’s always a part of the consumer, which pangs for something he / she experienced in the past – recent or long drawn. Thus “Nostalgia” could become a thing of the past in case of a few companies / brands / managers – but can and would never be neglected if one considers taking the brand to its Iconic status.

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