What’s the single most imp. thing you want from an Ad agency?

  • What is more important – award-winning creative, years of experience in industry, unique strategy ideas, measurement of success (ROI), honesty, No. of people on account, OR overall size of agency? All agencies seem to say the same thing – they can do it all and do it well – on target, on time and under budget. But what makes you choose one agency over the other? Question by: Lucinda  DeVries

I feel the single-most important thing I’d want from my agency would be Insightful advertising / communication strategies, because:

– Good Insight-led advertising strategies lead to good creatives which could be award winning too!
– Good Strategy will cover up for years of experience too, since good strategy usually comes thru years of experience in the industry
– A part of a Good Strategy development is also setting up of a measurable ROI
– Honesty will usually be tested once you start spending AFTER your Strategy is set
– No. of people on account and overall agency size are all relative terms that are manageable, depending on the needs, spending and ROI factors

Even though award winning creatives are sometimes the attraction of many companies to choose an agency, I personally hold the opinion that a creative which wins awards “creatively”, but fails to contribute anything to the brand, would have been meaningless.

Rather, if there’s a good strategy, at worst, you might still be able to get a “hard-working” creative with an existing team. Or, alternatively you always have the chance to look for more and more options and test the creatives to see which ones work best for your objective and strategy.

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2 Responses to What’s the single most imp. thing you want from an Ad agency?

  1. Joy Abdullah says:

    If you can, could you put this article with the query in the group titled “Brand and Communications” in LI? You’ll get it in my groups.
    Excellent pov and something that should get a bit more mileage.

  2. shubho says:

    The best marketers I’ve worked with look for good strategic thinking, along with good execution skills.
    But in reality, the ‘comfort factor’ is more important. Example, a big brand wants to work with a big agency – simply because the latter has more people.
    What’s happening increasingly in India – for MNC brands – is a small hotshop abroad does the core thinking/strategising, the big Indian agency adapts.

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