Name: Shantanu Sengupta

Born: Calcutta, India – 28 June 1968

Current Residence: Delhi-NCR Region, India.

Occupation: Brand Strategist; Marcom Planner. I’m passionate about my communication profession and hence like to go that extra-mile in designing campaigns that make a difference, creatively.!

Professional Summary: I’m a 360-degree marcom professional, with more than 15 years’ hands-on industry experience spread over 4 countries. I’ve actively worked on Samsung, Sony, LG, Sensodyne, Tourism Malaysia, Oman Air, TRA Oman, Relaxo, etc. I have also shared my expertise as a Planner, to many other brands e.g. Philips, Muriya, Bank Dhofar, Sadolin Paints, Oman International Ban, Flip Video, Caboodles, Mother’s Horlicks, Oman Airports, etc.

Samsung Experience: Five years of my professional life was dedicated to Samsung brand / group. I’ve significantly contributed to transform a liaison office of Cheil Worldwide (Samsung’s affiliate marcom company)  in Dubai, into an active branch office.
– Initiated strategic planning process and systems and setting up the planning department
– Steered research for a number of new products / categories, thus setting directions for UAE marketing activities
– Streamlined Account Managemennt support during initial days of operations
– Employed win-win collaborative approach with clients, suppliers and peers alike – thus developing confidence and dependence on the new team; and
– Motivated, oriented, trained and retained new recruits into the S.E.Asian (Korean) culture of the company

Competencies: Strategic Marcom Planning; Consumer and Market Insight Analysis (thru 3rd-party primary research); Trend Study; Brand Positioning and Engagement; Creative Idea Development; Offline Media Strategy; Digital Media Engagement Planning; Communication Thought Leadership; Relationship Building; Team Motivation and Mentoring; Orienting and operating in Cross-cultural environments; Ad / Media / PR agency Management

Education: A Bachelor of Sciences followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from India.

Interest Areas: Apart from Psychology and Consumer insights that lead to meaningful strategies, my interests are quite widely spread over Culture and Art, Innovations, New Tools and techniques, Trend spotting, watching movies, Reading, Writing,  Web-hunting, Detection, Social media and Business strategy.

My hot-buttons: I’m a follower of TAO philosophy in as much as I can. Harmony, Good manners, smiles and laughter, honesty, enthusiasm, vision and ideas, talent and courage, and principle-centred leadership are all turn-ons for me. I look for anything that’s novel, innovative and fresh, which tickles both the creator and the user to open up to a new direction. Dense Green Jungles with the shrill voices of the birds and insects, the smell of herbs  and raw vegetation haunts me and calms my thoughts. The roars of the sea-waves violently lashing the ink-dark rocky shores, the vast infinity of dark night sky with millions of stars randomly signalling their presence by intermittent blinks, and the depth of simplicity and empathy of the villagers make me feel as one with the natural world.

Turnoffs: I abhor thoughtless advertising; unharmonious combinations; favoritism for the sake of it; poor service; artificial behaviour from people; snobbishness; fried and grossly flavored foods; routines and rules; prostitution in any form; social climbers and network mongrels; racism; self-centered ways, selfishness and hypocrisy; laziness; egocentric / egoistic approach to leadership and management.

My Dream: A world full of honest, practical and courageous people, who stand on their own and conquer the hearts of millions.

My Other Blogs: Momentary Musings; Phanchology; Solitude Voices;

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