What is Inspiration?

Recently while planning for this blog, I asked this simple question to a couple of people within my circle of influence:

What is Inspiration?

The answers I received motivated me to write a small note on Inspiration as my introductory piece.

Here are the answers:

  • An initiative or arousal to any unusual activity (a creative director)
  • A sudden spark of imagination or intuition to solving a problem (a senior manager)
  • A sort of special influence or a divine guidance (a priest / guru)
  • A software which aids visual learning and thinking (a techno geek)

Ready to Breathe

Ready to Breathe

However, I was bowled over when I asked the same question to a toddler:

When you take a deep breath in, that’s called Inspiration!

Smart and simple, isn’t it?

Frankly, this kind of simple interpretation / meaning never come to many of us – the so called ‘adults’ who have been entwined within the complexities of life. Hence I thought of doing a little search thru Wikipedia and the net, which you can find here:
Definition of Inspiration on the web
Web search on Inspiration

A few other interesting mentions of “Inspiration” are:

In business:
• A telephone switchboard BT Inspiration
• A make of scuba diving re-breather Inspiration CCR

In music:
Elkie Brooks album released in 1989
Yngwie J. Malmsteen album released in 1996
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh album released in 2000
William Hung album released in 2004
Shinhwa album released in 2006

In film:
A 1915 film starring Audrey Munson

The point however I wish to make here is that for any kind of problem / question in this world, there are plenty of solutions (or suggested solutions) which we are not aware of. The right answer / spark / intuition / gut feel or ‘Blink’ (popularized by celebrated author Malcolm Gladwell’s book) most invariably tends to elude us more often!

What can we do about it? We can just set ourselves loose, open our minds to the problem, see more and more possibilities, so that we give fair chance for the answer to flow out naturally!

Inspiration, therefore, is the product of our deliberate act of liberating the seed of imagination, by melting the crusty gels of ideologies, beliefs, knowledge and understanding.

What are the methods of liberation? Can you think of some simple ways of do this? Leave your thoughts below.


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