During the early 90s when I started my career as a trainee, one of our upcoming visualizers* gave me one of the most important lessons in planning, which motivated and stayed with me ever since:

“While solving problems, we must listen to our heart sometimes, and see how we can apply our thoughts in as much varied way as possible…”

Whether we accept it or not, we all have our 1-cent-worth moments of inspiration, that come and go in a jiffy, within our busy schedules and routines. After so many years of working for people, brands and companies, I thought of capturing these moments in one place for the business community in general and the advertising community in particular.This blog is all about these moments and ideas.

The intention is very clear: Empowering the community, colleagues and myself, to take a direction from each of these 1-cent of inspiration and make a difference to the people, brands and companies we work for.

*Avijit Sen, Creative Director


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