3 Foundations of Social Media Marketing campaign

Ever since the social media marketing started making noise, scores and scores of so-called “experts” Social Media Marketing tips, tactics, tools, are afloat on the cyberspace. More often than not we find that most of these keep blubbering on the same things again and again, in different colors and shades.

Is there any method to madness in formulating and implementing a Social Media Marketing strategy today? This question was thrown open on a popular social media platform, to check the general understanding on whether there’s any strategy behind this madness, The responses received in this experiment suggested that if there’s any, social media strategy is all about (a) Identifying Audience (b) Identifying Content Hubs (c) Identifying traffic drivers (d) Creating and participating in communities. Many books written by “expert authors also outline and elaborate upon some basic guidelines as follows:

  • Why Social Media marketing
  • What are the tools
  • How to use the tools most effectively for marketing
  • How to measure progress and adapt

Doesn’t this indicate that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is still being primarily used as a TOOL? For example, the buzz flowing around the subject is all about “Tactics” – which sites, how to listen, how to be effective, how to optimize, etc. – and not about “Strategy”. A strategic framework or approach is usually either missing or is just superficially touched upon.

What should be the approach to make sure that your investment in social media is not just an experiment?

There are 3 foundations on which SMM campaign is built upon. We’ll talk about these 3 elements in this post and dedicate another post to the talk specifically on Strategy Framework for SMM.

Foundations of Social Media Marketing (c) one%inspiration

First and foremost, we must consciously acknowledge that there are 3 main drivers of successful SMM campaign: (1) Strategy (not tactics) (2) Technology and (3) Design. Strategy involves analyzing the needs and goals for engaging the brand on social media platform, and outlining potential tactics in doing so. While Strategy is the way to go, Technology acts as the backbone and Design as the interface of any SMM campaign.

Secondly, we must be clear about the role of technology. Even though it’s the backbone, it’s not an end in itself. Many thought leaders (e.g. Charlene Li) advocate that the most important mantra of social media marketing is:

It’s NOT about Technologies; It’s all about RELATIONSHIP.

As a result, when you say that your SMM strategy is to be on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, you’re actually talking about the Tools and Tactics only. It’s the relationship you create by using these platforms which makes a difference for you. Once you understand this and adopt it in practice, it’s easy to follow any guideline or develop your own simple framework.

Thirdly, Design being the interface with the users, a lot of effort must go in to make innovations and not just copy / replicate design approaches of successful companies. By saying this I necessarily mean that before you sit on the design table, you must imbibe into “Design Thinking” – which is an attitude to Solve a problem in simple newer ways at hand rather than aiming for a “good looking” interface. For example, if you need an interface to woo your customers to your Facebook page, you must get deeper into the social media behaviors of these customers and utilize these insights to see what’s required out of the interface. It’s only then you should go to the design table.

My next post will talk about a strategic framework for SMM campaign.

About shantanu.sengupta
I'm a passionate Strategic Marketing professional who deeply understands the interplay of Technology, Collaboration and Design that drives brand innovation and growth in a post-recession world today. I believe that marketing solutions cannot be found by referring to historical case studies, esp. since no two marketing problems are the same. As a result, instead of adhering to a jargonised approach to marketing, I follow Design Thinking principles, challenge existing norms and processes, and search for innovative ways to solve marketing problems. I specialize in developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies across B2C and B2B channels, with a clear focus on brand development and customer engagement that increases future brand value.

3 Responses to 3 Foundations of Social Media Marketing campaign

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  3. Manju Seth says:

    Wouldn’t measurement also be a crucial element for any SMM foundation?

    Manju Seth

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