7 Clusters to Identify Connected Customers

Ever since the broadband started getting into most of the households all over the world, technology started creeping into our lives like never before! Easy access to internet brought us closer to many sophisticated technological products like never before.

Products like Mobile phones, MP3 players, Cameras and other integrated products are helping us to use technology even more and more every day to connect with our friends, family and even make newer connections. As a result we find ourselves to be an integral part of a connected world.

How are we using this to enhance our lives? The answer: we’re getting more and more close to people, products, technology, environment, politics, etc. through our virtual networks within social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and many others! Technology has become the mammoth homogenizer of the society.

Not all of us however use these networks in equal terms. How would you – the marketer – identify and segment your customers? The answer lies in GROUNDSWELL. Consumers within connected world – esp. by lieu of their participation in social media networks – could be segregated into 7 clusters:

  • Creators (almost 1/4th of the universe)
  • Conversationalists (approx. 1/3rd)
  • Critics (little more than 1/3rd)
  • Collectors (little more than 1/5th)
  • Joiners (3/5th of the universe)
  • Spectators (more than 2/3rd of the universe)
  • Inactives (less than 1/5th of the universe)

Status of a person within the social media network is decided on the level of involvement one has. It starts from an inactive stage and goes thru various stages of the ladder till he / she becomes a creator. For example, an Inactive is one knows about social networks, but has never explored it in any way; a collector on the other hand, uses RSS feeds, votes on websites online and tags web pages / photos; while a creator is in true sense a real contributor to the social media – writer, publisher, participator, contributor, etc. all rolled into one.

Every year, except for the Inactives, every cluster is growing at a steady rate. However, Joiners showed the highest increase among all clusters. In future, you can expect some shifts happening from Spectators towards joiners or above.

Once you have identified these clusters, the next step of a marketer is to devise ways of targeting them or using them to achieve your marketing objectives.


About shantanu.sengupta
I'm a passionate Strategic Marketing professional who deeply understands the interplay of Technology, Collaboration and Design that drives brand innovation and growth in a post-recession world today. I believe that marketing solutions cannot be found by referring to historical case studies, esp. since no two marketing problems are the same. As a result, instead of adhering to a jargonised approach to marketing, I follow Design Thinking principles, challenge existing norms and processes, and search for innovative ways to solve marketing problems. I specialize in developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies across B2C and B2B channels, with a clear focus on brand development and customer engagement that increases future brand value.

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  1. JayadevM says:

    Love it! Stuff I should be doing is in here!

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