Art of Copywriting in 6 steps

  • What topics would you want to have covered in a copy writing course, if you were a copy writer (most likely a corporate employee type)? LinkedIn question by: Kimberley Deas

Copywriting is as much a science as an art. While there’s a vast content available offline and online on “what’s a good copy” or “how to write a great copy” or “How to write for grabbing customers”, etc., rarely we see any guidance on developing original skills that made many copywriters jump out the threshold of “GOOD” copywriting and reach the level of “GREAT” copywriting.

If I were to start a new course on copywriting, I’d like to develop it into 6 modules, which are based on my experiences with the good, bad, ugly and “great” copywriters. Each of these modules actually teaches a skill, and leaves the learner on his own to develop, polish and sharpen these skills to such a level that it becomes an art. Here are the 6 modules:

  1. The Art of writing Simple English – Copywriting is for communication of a thought or info. distribution. The more jargonised, sophisticated the language becomes, the less comprehension occurs at the receiver level. Nick Curtis has a wonderful book dedicated to this aspect (available from Oxford Univ Press)
  2. The Art of Saying MORE with less – When a copy communicates more with lesser number of words, it expresses a thought and not just delver symantics. This is not choosing complex words, but more about choosing the right thought and delivering in a few words. This also helps in headline / slogan development.
  3. The Art of the Logical Thought – Structured thinking has a unique place in copywriting, since it helps organise knowledge and plan out the optimal ways of sharing the knowledge. This is also known as “Analytical Thinking”
  4. The Art of AIDA – Whether one writes for advertising or any other content, the basic rules of communication are same and need to be learned carefully. A=Awareness grabbing I=Interest generation D=Desire development and A=Action stimulation. The process starts from Awareness, which includes impactful attention grabbing, and leads thru Action generation – i.e. doing something after one reads the copy.
  5. The Art of the Illogical Thought – Once the above 4 processes are mastered, only then one should concentrate on this, since depending on the individual, this skill needs more time to adopt. This helps in idea generation and thinking out of the box / creatively.
  6. The Art of Synthesizing – This practice helps one to synthesize information and ideas into creating a new idea. Although this is not how many creative professionals choose to think, but it serves as an important secondary process to generate new creatives
  7. Homework: Last but not the least, one should also learn basic English grammar, which is an important skill to write any language.

I’m sure to raise some eyebrows from some sections of the profession. I’d like to have all your opinions below, so that this could be improved further. For others, including students of copywriting, even though you might not be following this type of course, make this your life-long learning goal for delivering (and teaching) great copywriting.

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I'm a passionate Strategic Marketing professional who deeply understands the interplay of Technology, Collaboration and Design that drives brand innovation and growth in a post-recession world today. I believe that marketing solutions cannot be found by referring to historical case studies, esp. since no two marketing problems are the same. As a result, instead of adhering to a jargonised approach to marketing, I follow Design Thinking principles, challenge existing norms and processes, and search for innovative ways to solve marketing problems. I specialize in developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies across B2C and B2B channels, with a clear focus on brand development and customer engagement that increases future brand value.

2 Responses to Art of Copywriting in 6 steps

  1. Kim D says:

    This is really helpful. I am thinking “I can’t wait to take this course.” I love it!!! Thank you!!!!! I really appreciate your insights!!! Thank you!!

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