Which recruitment agency to use?

  • What do you as a technical hiring manager look for when choosing a recruitment agency to work with? What factors do you consider? LinkedIn Question by: Benedict McGuffie

I suppose for this kind of situations, which could be true even in case of hiring for an ad agency, the answer lie within the following universal check-lists / principles:

  1. Does the agency have at least 2 detailed preliminary meetings with you to discuss your requirements? (this will show that they have patience and interest in giving you the best service)
  2. Once done, do they come up with their view of your requirements, not fearing to give you some market insights which you didn’t know, or you’ve never accepted yourself? (this will show that they just don’t want to get business)
  3. Once insights are shared, do they come up with a plan of action to source out the best available in the market? (this will show that they are not just internet searchers, and really do give you value for the money they charge)
  4. Once approach has been agreed upon, do they screen candidates before sending them to you? Do they share the screening questionnaire and method of screening to you? (this will again show that they value your involvement in the process)
  5. When the candidates are sent, they usually give details which are NOT included in the CV – usually based on their screening interviews. They also provide info. and recommendations about min and max salary this candidate is worth.
  6. Finally, they also give you commitment that the candidate would not leave within the probation period; and the same is expected out of you too!

Many would point out that the above is too idealistic way of looking at a recruitment service provider agency. However, once you’re in the industry, you’d definitely utilize your network to gain information about any recruitment agency you call-in to brief. The above points can be probed into EVEN BEFORE you call for briefing – from the people you get references about the agency (LinkedIn could be one source)

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