How to decide ad formats for a gaming portal

  • Which non expensive formats of advertising can be adopted for a new entertainment and gaming portal? LinkedIn question by: Raj Praj

While deciding a non-expensive media, if there’s one decision one could be sure of, I guess it would be the various online options. Apart from that, there could be many other solutions, which I’m sure will also work! However, putting a perspective to this kind of task would empower you to discover the most effective solution. Here it goes…

First, before exploring formats, you must identify and focus upon the objectives of advertising. What do you intend to do with advertising? In your situation (launching) the most common objective would be Develop awareness. However, I guess you need to quantify a period and amount of awareness you intend to have. Additionally, you also need to consider the amount of other ROIs that advertising is expected to garner: e.g. ‘we wish to gain 85% awareness from current levels within a month’s time, which should be able to translate into 30% interest 20% desire and 10% actual sales’. etc.

Once done, the Second step will be to identify, quantify and gain insights about your target audience (TA). For a gaming portal it could be as general (or ‘vague’) as “young web gamers”, OR as specific as ”18-28 yr old males, working in the private sector, income of US$ XYZ, single, staying alone / nuclear in a city, spending weekends at the video gaming bars or snooker or bowling, and holidaying thrice a year to exotic destinations….”. While this was just an example, your TA definition should be as detailed and as insightful as the category, to give you best solutions for your advertising format, as well as the media you should be in.

The third step is to have an analysis of your competitors: what are they doing? You might realize that you are unique in your product offering. But is it really so? Is any competitor’s portfolio of products partially meeting the demands of your product or vice versa? What are these competitors doing in terms of advertising or communication? Is their activity meeting the customers’ expectations? These valuable insights would give you enough fodder to understand the nature of differentiation required in your own communication. Remember, “differentiation is key to recall”.

The final step is to identify / zero-in on your budget available to do the communication. You must be realistic in doing so. Although an ad agency would be able to guide you best on this (in your market), yet you should know that you retain the important key here. Since you are the investor, you’d definitely have some calculations about your business ROI – first year, second year and so on. Normally one fixes a period of gestation for one’s business, at the end of which he sees meaningful profits coming in. The ad budget usually should be higher initially, since developing awareness from scratch is an uphill task. However, it’s returns should be carefully agreed and monitored before fixing next year’s budget.

Once you have addressed all the 4 issues, there are plenty of methods or formats for doing a holistic marketing communication campaign, suitable for your product category, as well as for tapping other categories for the flow of customers to your portal.

Finally, remember that It’s very easy for any specialist / ad agency to just say “do this or that medium or format”. However, without a proper understanding of the above issues – and most importantly the 2nd issue, it’s futile to do so, and waste your valuable dollars.

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