How to liberate your senses and get inspired

Creativity is all about being able to identify connections, relationship, patterns within our chaotic life and processes, put an order or semblance, in order to create something new.

This needs one to: have an open mind, expand perceptual levels, be interesting and ready to be interested in things, as well as be ready to share and let others share too! Thankfully, there are plenty of tried and tested methods, by practicing which you can become more creative and idea generator!

I have covered a few that I found effective for myself.  I have listed these on this page (Click here).


About shantanu.sengupta
I'm a passionate Strategic Marketing professional who deeply understands the interplay of Technology, Collaboration and Design that drives brand innovation and growth in a post-recession world today. I believe that marketing solutions cannot be found by referring to historical case studies, esp. since no two marketing problems are the same. As a result, instead of adhering to a jargonised approach to marketing, I follow Design Thinking principles, challenge existing norms and processes, and search for innovative ways to solve marketing problems. I specialize in developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies across B2C and B2B channels, with a clear focus on brand development and customer engagement that increases future brand value.

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